We are passionate about getting children into woods, learning about nature while keeping fit and having fun.

Nature Detectives is a ground-breaking website and wildlife club for children run by the Woodland Trust, a UK charity. The Woodland Trust initially created the Nature Detectives website with the aid of Heritage Lottery Funding in 2004. They have developed over 1000 downloads and imaginative ideas to inspire children, families and schools across the UK to help youngsters enjoy more time outdoors, learning about woods and wildlife.   They have kindly agreed to support this project by giving us permission to add links to their activity packs and downloads which can either be selected depending on the season or the type of activity.  You can either view activities by season, or search the full list.


Children building a woodland den
Get out and explore as nature bursts into life again. Find out more.


Child looking into a net by a pond
Loads of ideas for summer holiday activies whatever the weather. Find out more.


There’s still locads to see and do as the seasons change and the days shorten. Find out more.


There’s nothing better than going out with the kids on a sparkling winter’s day. Find out more.

Rainy day activities

Never mind the weather – get your wellies on! Have a look at these rainy day ideas.

Spotter packs

Help your children become wildlife experts with these spotter packs.

Games, Quizzes and Puzzles

CHeck out these nature themed puzzles for home or classroom.

Brechfa Forest and Llanllwni Mountain Tourism Cluster Group (BALM) are very keen to help families enjoy free and low cost activities when they visit Brechfa Forest or Llanllwni Mountain. The majority of the downloads and activity packs on the Nature Detective website are available only in English, but there is a section of the Nature Detectives website providing activities and school information packs in Welsh.

It would not be possible for us to fund the translation of other activity sheets into Welsh through this grant project, so approval has been granted by the funding providers for this section of the website to be in English only.

This website is continually being maintained and updated by volunteers within BALM. If you have links to any other resources to help people enjoy visiting woodlands or moorland either in English or Welsh please provide us with information.