Time Periods

The time periods listed below are those that you will see given for the date of archaeological sites in the Brechfa Forest/ Llanllwni Mountain area. Uncertainty about the definite date of a site is shown by its being assigned more than one date in its record.

Click on the period headings below for an explanation of what archaeologists know about life at that time (links to pages on Archwilio).

Site Types

The information on the Roam Brechfa Forest website is drawn from the Dyfed Historic Environment Record. The Historic Environment Records of Wales contain information on over 150,000 archaeological sites in Wales. Managing this information requires high standards of indexing and efficient methods of information retrieval.

Led by the Royal Commission and with the help of colleagues in the National Museum of Wales and Cadw, the four Welsh Archaeological Trusts have been involved in the development of a definitive list of Welsh monument types. This ensures that terms are standardised across Wales, which is vital for the effective retrieval of information for enquirers and researchers. There are also plans for a Welsh-language version of the thesaurus.

If you wish to know more about the term in use for a particular type of archaeological site that you have found on the Roam Brechfa Forest website you can search the thesaurus of Welsh Site Types.

How the site type thesaurus works



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