Management plans and reviews of plans  for the Forest Garden produced by Forest Research.

Site assessement for 5 year work programme  there is no date within the document but  it is believed to be a plan developed by Forest Research in 2022.

Historical management plans.

Site notes_1950s

Plot list 1983

Ops record 1983

Man plan 1983-88

Brechfa site details_Form 1-1983

Form 2_Record of Establishment dated 1981 one of forms published in 1983 but lists the planting methods for the plots for each year from 1957

Form 3 Record of Operations_1983

Revised man plan 1983

Plan of works 1988-92

Form 3 Record of Operation_1991

Species list 1992

Brechfa 15_Review 1993

Project plan 1993

Thinning plan 2001

Species list 2005

Management Plan discussion 2006

National Arboreta Brechfa Survey

An Analysis of the species composition of Brechfa Forest Garden_2006

Accessions Policy

Accessions list_potential_2013