Historic Environment Record data

The regional Historic Environment Record (HER) is the most comprehensive source of information on archaeological sites and objects from within Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire. It covers all periods of human development from traces of the earliest prehistoric activity to Second World War defensive structures and includes information from Cadw on designated assets including Scheduled Ancient Monuments and Listed Buildings.

As well as information on individual archaeological sites the HER contains information on historic landscapes, artefact discoveries and archaeological investigations.

The Record is a complex system of information based upon a digital database and digital mapping. For each entry on the record we hold key information such as the type of site, its name, its location and the period it dates from. Most records have bibliographic references and a description. At present the database holds over 100,000 records, a figure increasing every day. The records are subject to continually updates and expanded as new information becomes available, as a result this website links to the HER display of data for each site so that the latest information is available.

The Dyfed HER was established in 1974, when functions such as online public access were not dreamt of. It was, and still is, a management tool for the recording and protection of the archaeology of Dyfed. Public accessibility to the records came later on and for this reason some of the site descriptions, particularly the early ones, can sound rather specialist. Since 1998 HERs have also had to adhere to the British cultural heritage standard for recording historic environment information (MIDAS); again this is why some of the HER information appears as it does.

The HER covers all aspects of human activity in the landscape from early prehistory to the twentieth century without prejudice. Details of well- and lesser-known sites can be found, in addition to records generated by archaeological projects undertaken in the area. The HERs fulfil a wide variety of functions including assisting in the positive management and presentation of the historic landscape, planning control, and as a source for input to local history, conservation and tourism projects.

As part of this project, Brechfa Forest and Llanllwni Mountain Tourism Cluster Group obtained EU funding and volunteer support to enable Dyfed Archaeological Trust to review and revise all records for sites on the open access land of Brechfa Forest and Llanllwni Mountain and all sites visible from footpaths, bridleways, byways or roads to ensure these records were complete and understandable by all members of the community who’s heritage they celebrate.

The project also paid for increasing the information on selected sites,   including the addition of photographs.

The HER is only available in English.   The decision was made with the agreement of the funding providers that the map section of this website would therefore be only in English.   The translation of the HER records for this area to Welsh would have exceeded the funding available. In addition the HER is under continual revision, while the grant funding for this project was for a limited period of time.