When you roam through Brechfa Forest or over Llanllwni Mountain you may puzzle over the old buildings,   burial mounds,   standing stones,  or other historical features you encounter in the landscape.

A few years ago we worked with Dyfed Archaeology to create a map showing the recognised historical sites you will see on open access land or that is visible from the footpath,  bridleway,  byway or road network.    Dyfed Archaeology are one of 4 trusts in Wales responsible for maintaining the Historical Environment Records (HER).  These are an important starting point for anyone interested in the archaeology, built heritage and history of Wales. They provide information on a wide range of sites, and are a primary source of information for planning, development control and land management.

We were inspired by the UK government signing up to the UNESCO  Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage to run two photographic competitions celebrating the HER.   The UNESCO convention recognises the importance of cultural heritage as a building block of sustainable development.   As an community supported to be an exemplar of community led sustainable development based on our culture and the attractiveness of our landscape we want to encourage walkers,  riders and MTBers to photograph both the sites and the landscape.

Photograph the site.

The HER have an option of adding a photograph of the site.   While some sites next to roads do have an image in the record many do not.      Some sites are substantial features in the landscape but  it is equally important to record those sites where there is little to see.   So each photograph entered in this category will be an entry in a prize draw for a hamper.  Each photograph entered will be forwarded on to Dyfed Archaeology to be considered for addition to the HER.

Photograph the views.

How the site fits into the landscape is an important part of the story of that site,   the visual links between the burial mounds or the views of standing stones from a distance are an important part of their story.   The landscape along with the peace and quiet are the reason so many visitors return to the area time and time again.  So we are running a second competition where a panel of community members will judge photographs of the historical landscape,   with a hamper for the winner.

Map showing all the historical sites.

Terms and Conditions including how to enter